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Homeless in Cape Town

Mi-change vouchers are redeemed across the city at partnering organisation. Each voucher provides essential support services and basic needs like a meal, shower, clothing or a safe spaces to sleep. Each homeless support center where vouchers can be redeemed offers two or more of the services listed above. 

Vouchers reduce money on the streets and access to drugs. Vouchers put homeless people on a pathway to recovery.

Why ?

A 2019 study found it costs significantly more for someone to stay on the streets than to help them leave the streets.  Read the study >

When you give a voucher, you reduce money on the streets and reduce access to drugs. Most importantly, you provide basic needs along with support, rehabilitation and ultimately work opportunities.

A voucher equals hope for a future.


Someone who is homeless can redeem their vouchers at partnering service centres in Bellville, Claremont, Durbanville, Muizenberg, Parow and Strand.


One pack contains 4 vouchers to be given to four individuals. The cost of one pack is currently R50. You can purchase online or pop into your nearest shop that stocks Mi-change vouchers.

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Gift of Vouchers

Monthly subscriptions help us to plan and increase capacity to help more people
Each pack costs R50 and contains 4 vouchers
Please note, there is a R5 charge for postal. Postal deliveries can take up to 10 working days, our apologies for the delay we are looking for courier partners to improve delivery times.
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Vouchers are not eligible by SARS for tax deductions.

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Clothing for homeless
Shower for homeless
Homeless shelter<br />



Locations to Purchase Vouchers

See the map below for a wide number of shops and churches that sell Mi-change vouchers (please note vouchers are only sold on a Sunday at Churches). If you prefer, you can also purchase online to have the vouchers delivered to you.

Redemption Points

See the map or list below for where vouchers can be redeemed by persons in needs at one of the following partnering Homeless Support Centres

Claremont - U-turn Homeless Support Centre

Address: Cnr Hawthorn Road & Claremont Blvd 27 Stegman Road, Cape Town

Telephone: 021 300 5070

Belville - MES Safe Space

Address: 1 AJ West Street Bellville

Telephone: 021 949 8736

Durbanville - MES Centre of Hope

Address: 37 Queen Street, Durbanville

Telephone: 082 440 7055

Durbanville Safe Space

Address: 2 New Street, Durbanville

Telephone: 021 949 8736

Muizenberg - U-turn Homeless Support Centre

Address: 5 Killarney Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town

Telephone: 087 550 5268

Parow - MES U-turn Centre of Hope

Address: 110 Alexandra Road, Parow, Cape Town

Telephone: 021 949 8736

Strand - U-Turn Homeless Support Centre

Address: 28 Michau Street, Strand

Telephone: 074 785 9979

Places to buy and redeem homeless vouchers cape town<br />

The Mi-change voucher initiative is powered by U-turn in partnership with MES. Both organisations have used vouchers successfully to provide people with a pathway out of homelessness. The vouchers are being piloted in Cape Town but will soon be available in Johannesburg and other areas of the country. If you would like to become a Voucher Reseller or Service Provider partner, please email info@michange.org

Click on these links to find out more about U-turn and MES.

Contact Mi-change

Leila Suleman, Mi-Change
Tel: 021-674 6119
Cell: 072 181 5233
Email: info@michange.org.za

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