The National Homeless Network brings together over a dozen organisations in eight cities across South Africa

The National Homeless Network includes practitioners, NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, local homeless forums, activists, academics and most importantly current, as well as former homeless individuals. It also partners with various government institutions and departments.

Established in 2017, the National Homeless Network seeks to help collectively across South Africa to prevent homelessness, to improve the conditions of people who are homeless, and to find pathways out of homelessness.

The Mandate of the Network is focused on the following four activities:

  1. Advocating for the homeless with National government and supporting advocacy at Provincial and Municipal levels
  2. Liaising at all levels with Government departments and institutions
  3. Sharing information on best practice, policies from across SA and the world
  4. Sharing research and developing a common research agenda

Contact the National Homeless Network, email

National Homeless Network Members

The list of members is currently under development so please be patient as we fill in some gaps.  If you are involved in supporting the homeless and are interested in joining the network, please use the email given above.

City Organisation Email Website
Bloemfontein Bloemshelter  httpss://
Bloemfontein NG Church Bloemfontein 
Bloemfontein QPT 
Bloemfontein Towers of Hope Trust
Buffalo City Nahoon Community Outreach 
Cape Town New Hope SA  httpss://
Cape Town The Haven Night Shelter  httpss://
Cape Town U-turn  httpss://
Durban Denis Hurley Centre
Durban Grace Aid
Durban I Care  httpss://
Durban We are Durban  httpss://
Johannesburg JOSH
Pietermaritzburg Life Changer  httpss://
Tshwane Centre for Faith and Community at the University of Pretoria httpss://
Tshwane Homeless Upliftment Projects
Tshwane Tshwane Leadership Foundation
Tshwane Yeast City Housing


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