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Join us on Tuesday, October 25, at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock from 5.30 to 9.30pm as we celebrate 25 years of generous support from people like you.

U-Do: Ways You Help

Buy Vouchers

Vouchers provide meals and clothing, as well as support and rehabilitation. By removing cash, they reduce drug use too.

Donate Funds

Sponsor basic needs, rehabilitation, skills and training and work opportunities. Turn someone’s life around.

Recycle Goods

Give new life to your second hand goods. You can either drop-off or arrange for collection for large donations.

Charity Shop

Purchase with purpose.
In addition to great products, U-turn shops training and work opportunities for formerly homeless clients.

The Employment Journey

Homelessness is increasing. Long term rehabilitation is needed for a pathway to employment.

change readiness


You, our community, donate clothing and purchase Mi-change Vouchers to give responsibly to the homeless. Vouchers provide food and clothing, and an entry point to change-readiness groups. Subscribe to Mi-change Vouchers and we’ll post them to you.



Thanks to this preparation and relationships of trust built, U-turn staff can encourage and screen people for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We cover costs for transport and shelter during this time.

work readiness

Work Readiness

The U-turn work-readiness programme provides a work opportunity with on-the-job training, formal skills training, ongoing therapy and relapse prevention. Sponsor one lesson for R250 a month



When ready, participants graduate by securing an independent job in the open labour market. 6 months after graduating, over 80% of our graduates remain employed and sober.  Contact us to hire a U-turn graduate

U-Can: Champion Stories

Nelson Mandela once said, “to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Deep thanks to the hero supporters who support our champions to change their lives.

What We Do

Is the heart of U-turn’s skills development model and offers work-placement at one of our Charity shops, our laundry or at our First Phase Service Centre. The shops are managed from the top down by formerly homeless individuals, providing on-the-job learning of merchandising, stock taking, customer service and other skills. Participants also access weekly occupational therapy, relapse prevention and formal training in English, literacy, IT, as well as accredited business management for selected participants.

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Over the past 20 years

We have crafted an innovative skills based programme designed by occupational therapists, that is Christian faith based including Bible Study, Biblical counselling and Fellowship, with long term results for rehabilitation and reintegration. Six months after graduating from the programme, more than 80% of participants remain employed and sober.

You Are The Solution

U-turn supporters are generous, passionate, and determined people—like you—who are world changers and history makers. The solution is in your hands. You can choose to turn lives around and get South Africa working.