My Clothing Drive

Your secondhand goods can turn a life around

Reduce homelessness. Start your own Clothing drive at your workplace, homeschool, Interest group or church. Register with us and download your communication pack. Get started right away!


  1. Register your organisation online
  2. Download your communication pack
  3. Prepare boxes and sorting labels
  4. Pack and sort clothing with colleagues
  5. Deliver to a U-turn Charity Shop
  6. Document the process
  7. Tag us on Social Media
Clothing Drive for the Homeless How it Works

why it works

More on where your donation goes and the life cycle thereof.

Clothing drive for the homeless

the day has arrived

Whoop! Whoop!

The day has arrived.

By now your boxes should be ready and sorting lables printed. Now, choose your U-turn location to donate and don’t forget to snap a picture with staff at your office and selected U-turn Charity store/Head Office.

Clothing Drive for the homeless

social media

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How this reduces homelessness

I donate

The homeless community redeems a voucher for clothing

Some clothes go to U-turn’s Charity Stores, which are training grounds for the formerly homeless on U-turn’s skills-based programme

Clothing meets a basic need at our homeless support centres and allows us to build long term relationships with those in need

Funds raised through sales helps cover rehab-support, living costs, travelling costs. Therapy and formal training

Reduced homelessness & a happier community

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