Volunteer Application form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! For details about the roles currently available, please go to Homeless.org.za/get-involved/#volunteer

Please also take a look at the information below on volunteering during COVID-19

COVID 19 volunteering information

U-turn takes significant care to try ensure safety, however, individuals volunteer at their own risk. By completing the volunteer registration form and showing up at a place of service, volunteers accept these risks and accept responsibility for their own health and safety.

Minimum requirements to volunteer during COVID 19:

  • be in good health and don’t display any symptoms associated with COVID 19
  • not have travelled recently or had contact with anyone suspected or confirmed with COVID 19
  • not have any other health issues deemed as high risk such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, compromised immunity, etc.
  • Not be living with anyone that has one of the above conditions
  • Over 18 & below 65 years of age
  • be able to provide all the required details on the form (so that we can make the travel arrangements in compliance with the Lockdown regulations)

Alternatively, if you do not comply with the above, please select or suggest a role that allows you to volunteer time remotely (such as data capturing)

A note about hand sanitisers and protective gear:

  • Hand sanitiser and soap will be available to all volunteers on site and regular hand washing is practised at all sites.  Even if you bring your own gloves, you will still be asked to wash your hands just as regularly as others without gloves.
  • We ask that volunteers bring their own masks and that they are worn at all times.

Thank you, if you are still interested in volunteering, please fill in the volunteer application form.