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Sponsor a work placement today

Provide a work placement for final phase training and a livelihood for the family of candidates

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Meet Zulfah

This is Zulfah. Before joining U-turn, she had been on the streets for two years and struggling with addiction for 15 years. She graduated from U-turn in 2018 after working in U-turn’s social enterprise first as a shop assistant, and later as a supervisor. Today Zulfah is a sales consultant and a mother providing her family with love and stability.

A work placement lasts on average 18 months and provides ongoing training, relapse prevention and a livelihood for the candidate and their family.

Give someone the chance to be a lighthouse for their families and community.

Help others like Zulfah reach their potential and turn their lives around.

U-turn Bank Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Kenilworth Centre
Account Name: U-turn
Account Number: 270 325 824
Shortcode: 02 62 09
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