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Provide a strong foundation with skills in basic literacy, computer literacy, life skills and bible study

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Meet Chrissy

This is Chrissy. She used to be called Kauthar. She used to struggle with addiction, estranged from her children, living on the street. After joining our programme Chrissy learnt computer skills, learnt to supervise a shop and  completed a business management course. She also learnt faith in her ability to work with others. Chrissy graduated from U-turn in 2012. Today she is U-turn’s Dispatch Manager and a mother to her three children.

U-turn provides people facing homelessness with a pathway to employment. Skills and training is at the heart of this journey.

Help others like Chrissy reach their potential and turn their lives around.

U-turn Bank Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Kenilworth Centre
Account Name: U-turn
Account Number: 270 325 824
Shortcode: 02 62 09
Branch code: SBZAZAJJ
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