u-turn 25 birthday

Our Impact

2022 was a breathtaking year!

Six months after completing the work readiness programme. U-turn graduates remain sober, employed and housed.


Remain Sober


Remain Employed


Remain Housed

Our Impact Highlights of 2022

Inspiring Stories of Impact

social enterprises

Social Enterprises provide on-the-job training for our phase 3 work-readiness Champions, along with continued stipends, shelter, food, transport, life skills, therapy and relapse prevention.

Our Impact

Annual Reports

In the last 12 months, U-turn has had over 100 000 enagements with the homeless community. Moreover was rewarded MTN & Trialogue advanced monitoring and evaluation practices 2022.

U-turn is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) under section 18A of the income Tax Act. Donations to U-turn are tax-deductable. See below our 2022 Annual report and previous years.