u-turn 25 birthday

After 10 years of U-turn vouchers, we are launching in partnership with MES, a universal voucher called Mi-change. This means you can help more people across our City.

Why vouchers

According to “The Cost of Homelessness in Cape Town” report, every year members of the housed public give over R280 million in cash to people begging on the streets.

While the public who provide cash are compassionate and well-intended, the cash fuels addiction, creates dependence and enables chronic homelessness, making it harder for people to leave the streets.

Your voucher provides


Where are your vouchers redeemed ?

Vouchers are redeemable at any partnering service provider displaying a Mi-change sign. There are redemption points across the Southern and Northern suburbs, and the Southern Peninsula.U-turn and MES are also in talks with potential partners in the Central Cape Town, Strand, Tableview and Gordons Bay to make the vouchers accessible to people in these areas.

Partnered centres can be found here at Michange.org/map

What does your voucher cost?

 One pack costs R50 and includes 4 vouchers. For each voucher redeemed, R10 goes to the partnering service provider where it is redeemed.

Where can you buy Mi-change vouchers?

Mi-change vouchers can be purchased from shops across the City. Alternatively, Mi-change vouchers can be purchased online and delivered to your door. You can find a list of shops or purchase online at Michange.org


Find out more about Mi-change or purchase your vouchers online