u-turn 25 birthday

U-Turn’s successful charity shops have been part of the reason why many homeless people have managed to get back on their feet. The shops are just a portion of the work being done by the organisation. This new innovative thrift shop on wheels has been designed to combat issues faced in the retail industry and to create a mobile option, for when charity needs to be on the move!

U-Turn’s aim is to help the homeless community access social workers, homeless support workers, Occupational therapists, counsellors, trainers and life coaches. These people work through various programmes that cater to the needs of the homeless community and help them reintegrate into society, get off the streets and seek the treatment needed to combat addiction.

The organisation has 15 charity shops and the addition of the mobile bus will see their reach go even further.

The mobile bus operates Monday to Friday at U-Turn’s Access Park retail store. While the traditional store is growing and fully operating Monday to Saturday, the mobile store provides a fast and flexible solution to promote U-Turn’s retail store brand without being limited to one location.

People can also book the mobile bus store for schools, markets, church events, festivals, and other social events that entice customers with an immersive experience they can’t get anywhere else.

The U-Turn CEO believes the mobile bus charity shop provides a truly unique shopping experience and, in today’s digital landscape, technology might make shopping more convenient with an online experience, but the face-to-face, multi-sensory experience that pop-ups offer offline is invaluable. The bus comes ready with set-up tables & chairs creating ample seating inside and outside our mobile charity shop.

For more information about the mobile bus visit https://homeless.org.za/thrift/ or email Karen Josias on karen@homeless.org.za.

Originally published by Good Things Guy on 25 October 2023

Photo: U-turn Homeless Ministries