u-turn 25 birthday

“Three things I came here for, sobriety, work and accommodation”  Jonathan, U-turn Champion on Exit stage

Today we celebrate Jonathan who recently stepped over the line to Exit Stage.

Jonathan’s caseworker is proud of him but she recalls him as being the client that challenged her the most in sessions. He says the things that many people are scared to say. And yet she has seen his growth in finding his purpose and spiritual growth. In the beginning, Jonathan did not talk about God but that’s changed. He sees God now in everyday things. 

Jonathan’s fellow Champions on the Phase 3 Work-readiness and other U-turn staff have also seen and appreciated his growth. At the celebration they stood up to commend him. They also spoke about his enthusiasm that he brings to his work, and about how he is an inspiration to others. 

Jonathan said that he had experienced a massive shift in gears with the Exit stage looming, with the finish line of graduating at U-turn being in clear view  as he is entering the last Stage on the Phase 3 Work-readiness programme. He has taken what he has learned on the programme and applied it to his work. He fondly calls it an incubator. As he is coming closer to a life of independence, he has set goals and has held himself accountable to keep them. Something that he did not do before.

One of the goals he has achieved was moving into his own apartment.

His encouragement to other Champions on Phase 3 Work-readiness, is to follow the U-turn programme. If they can listen to U-turn’s guidance and follow it, it will help build resilience to life’s challenges. 

We celebrate you, Jonathan!