u-turn 25 birthday

Adrian, a Phase 3 work-readiness programme champion recently remarried the love of his life. They renewed their vows in a very intimate ceremony, witnessed by their loved ones.

The road has not been easy for them. Adrian was on the streets for more than 20 years, caught up in gangsterism, drug dealing. He lived a very violent life, which made him a frequent prison resident. Out of frustration, his wife divorced him. 

Our partners at Hands and Feet have walked a journey with Adrian for over 10 years. They assisted him with rehabilitation endeavours, mentored him, consoled him in times of trouble and even assisted him with his wedding and honeymoon arrangements.

Three years ago Adrian’s life radically changed when he crossed over to new life, and brought his troubles to God. He joined a rehabilitation centre, and then joined U-turn’s Phase 3 work readiness programme. He currently works at one of our charity shops.

Daily, God is restoring Adrian’s relationship with his family. We wish him and his wife a beautiful second chance at a marriage filled with love, joy and much laughter.