u-turn 25 birthday

The U-turn and Harfield Village community gardening initiative in partnership with HVCID, on Saturday, 18 September was a great success!

We were joined by 9 lawyers from Radiant Law firm, 6 residents from Greenwood Road as well as the manager of HVCID, Jenni Rowe.

Jenni says that she loves working with U-turn and interacting with 1st phase clients on the U-turn programme who are turning their lives around towards a sustainable, long term goal.

It was a coming together of people to build a bridge between the housed and the homeless while helping to create a cleaner and more beautiful community for us all. The ecosystem of the garden represents an ecosystem of our community, where if we all work together we’re able to create something that is nourishing, sustainable and allows us all to thrive and grow.
If anyone is walking past the Greenwood community garden, please do take along a 2l bottle of water and water the garden.