u-turn 25 birthday

My name is Hilton Adams and I am a champion on the U-turn Work -readiness programme. I am deeply grateful and excited to have been given the opportunity and privilege to study Business Administration at Siyaya Training Institution. When I look back at my life, from a young age I enjoyed buying and selling and eventually opened my own business. I became quite good and prospered at my business. Then I started doing drugs and got involved with crime and gangsterism. Eventually, all my profit went to my drug addiction.
It has been two decades since I last studied and sometimes I can’t believe that I’m studying for a brighter future. I’m so grateful to U-turn for giving me this wonderful opportunity. The skills and training I’m getting from Siyaya Training Institution has really broadened my perspective of the business environment. My knowledge and understanding of numeracy and my communication skills have improved tremendously. Thank you U-turn and Siyaya for helping me turn my life around