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How can I help a homeless person and know that I am making things better?

The first thing to keep in mind is: a homeless person is a person. They need love, acceptance and human connections as much as any other individual.

Once you have established a connection, the best way to help a homeless person is to put them in touch with support services with an organisation like U-turn.

Our organisation is equipped with professional support services for long-term, phased interactions. If you live in a U-turn Service Center catchment area you can support individuals living on the street with a U-turn voucher, which provides food and clothing, and most importantly access to our support and rehabilitation services.

If the person you want to assist does not stay within a U-turn Service Center catchment area, you can still support the individual by buying him or her a weekly train ticket to access U-turn services. You’re welcome to contact the Service Center to check on the individual’s attendance and progress.

If you would like to purchase your vouchers online and have them delivered to your door, please follow this link:  http://homeless.org.za/vouchers/