u-turn 25 birthday

Marc Lunau is the founder and owner of estate agency, Houses4Rent and has supported U-turn for over 5 years.

His approach is creative and sustainable. In additional to personal contributions, he invites landlords through his agency to deduct an amount from monthly rentals and invest it in U-turn to help build healthier communities.

When we asked him to share his story, he explained that he saw a clear synergy between his work and U-turn’s: he explains that we’re both in the business of providing more than just shelter. That it is tax deductible is an added bonus for Marc.

While we can provide a roof over someone’s head, to enable them to create a stable home and for long lasting change. After years of refining our programme, U-turn has found that an effective way to create long lasting change is to invest in skills development – personal skills through life orientation, therapy and Bible study, and vocational skills through a well-designed learnership.  

We are deeply grateful for supporters like Marc, who have supported us for years and who share our vision. If you would like to become Skills Investor, go here or feel free to contact with creative ways to contribute.