u-turn 25 birthday

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In 2009, U-turn launched vouchers to bridge the gap between Capetonians looking for a way to support destitute locals, and U-turn a professional training and rehabilitation programme helping people turn their lives around.  Instead of cash which can deepen dependency and addiction, U-turn vouchers provides food and clothing, along with access to a rehabilitation programme that enables people to start working.

Significantly, 80 000 vouchers were redeemed in the first 10 years and the programme is more popular than ever.  It is a testament to the commitment of our supporters, shops and concerned members of public. Thank you for your support. The voucher is more than a meal ticket: it has changed lives. To become a monthly subscriber of vouchers to Homeless.org.za/gift-of-vouchers

As we review the success of this first decade, we understand that we have to adapt our voucher programme if it is going to survive and thrive for decades to come. Firstly, the cost of services and producing a meal increases yearly while our voucher price has remained largely unchanged over the years.  Secondly, the demand for our services has also grown more than tenfold: in 2009 we saw 1300 vouchers were redeemed, compared to 14000 in 2018.

In light of these significant changes, we have recognized the need to raise our income,  and it is in this spirit that we turn to you, our faithful supporters and ask for your help:

    • We will be changing the voucher price to R100 per pack of 5 vouchers. This means  effectively paying R20 for a cooked meal, served in a safe environment linked to an activity programme designed by occupational therapists to start the journey from off the street. This service is unique in Cape Town, and it remains good value for money.
    • If you are currently a voucher subscriber via GivenGain, we will be phasing out this platform by the end of March and ask you to please sign up to our new voucher system available here: Homeless.org.za/gift-of-vouchers. If you currently subscribe via EFT, please could you increase the amount by the end of March. Please contact us if you have any questions.
    • Please spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues. We believe this programme needs to operate across the City. Here are some ideas on how to spread the word:
      • Invite U-turn to speak at your church, office, or book club
      • Host a voucher party in aid of U-turn
      • Request your company subscribe to vouchers

We are also asking our supporters to become skills investors. We deliver 1 400 skills-training sessions each month covering subjects like money-management, IT, English and literacy, driving lessons and Occupational Therapy. Better to teach a person to fish than give a person a fish. You can become a skills investor by sponsoring one or more of these lessons for R250 per lesson, per month. Become a skills investor here.

We are extremely grateful for your support in the first decade of U-turn’s Voucher programme. The 80 000 redeemed vouchers, its continual growth and popularity shows how necessary it is in our city. It also highlights our City’s compassion and our desire to contribute to positive change. Help us celebrate the first ten years by supporting the changes needed for the decade to come.

Yours gratefully,