u-turn 25 birthday

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today we celebrated the graduation of Stephen and Joe*.

Like many of the Champions on the programme, the story of their lives prior to U-turn speak of challenges with unemployment and addiction.   But today these two are graduating after completing the “Life Change” skills development programme.

They have hope and aspirations for the future, and the personal and vocational skills they’ve gained as they embark on the next step on their journey of change and growth.

Stephen admitted that some of the courses were not easy and that he often felt like saying ‘I can’t do this.’   However, he persevered and in doing so learnt and developed new skills.  In the past, he was a heavy duty truck driver and through U-turn he has managed to re-sit his Code 14 license and renew his PDP license.  He is now hoping to go back to this work which he really enjoyed.

Joe came to U-turn because he wanted help to get back to his studies.  He is now about to start a course at in Electrical infrastructure at False Bay College.  So it’s back to the books for the next three years.  We wish him well for the future and look forward to hearing about his progress.

As part of their graduation ceremony they added their pictures to a stylized tree painted on the wall just inside the U-turn office with photos of other champions who have graduated and entered the open labour market.

In their speeches at the graduation ceremony, both thanked those who had supported, encouraged and helped them to reach this stage.  The reality is that they have achieved this not just through their own hard work and the help given by U-turn staff and volunteers.

Behind each champion there are those who they may never meet. Those who have supported the work through regular giving or by purchasing goods from the U-turn stores and most importantly by prayer support. Thank you to all our supporters, today is a celebration of you too!

*Joe is a fictional name, as he prefers to remain anonymous.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]