u-turn 25 birthday

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]October 10 was World Homeless Day and U-turn honoured the day with a range of activities at two different locations to celebrate the people our organisation serves, as well as challenge them.

At the Powerhouse behind Stadium on Main, Claremont, those on the first phase started the day by painting a collage, using hand-prints and words expressing their feelings about homelessness.  This activity was followed by a group discussion about what life is like for a person living on the street looking at the past, the issues faced today and  then their hopes for the future.

Many expressed their desire to overcome their present situation and their need for skills and training, to realise their dream of having a home of their own.

Lunch was kindly provided by Ragamuffin Curry, based on Mains Ave, Kenilworth.  Thinus Ras, the owner, is a supporter of U-turn  and the public is able to purchase U-turn vouchers at his restaurant. Rondebosch United Church sponsored a Marimba band to entertain the group during lunch with joyful tunes, that had many feet tapping and stomping.

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Nearby at in a hall at Christchurch Kenilworth, U-turn’s second phase programme explored their particular leadership styles in a programme run by an organization called, Tall Trees. Through this programme each is able to recognize that they have a sphere of influence in order to make a contribution to society.

The afternoon session was run by Circle Productions who are based in Muizenburg. Under the title, ‘Be an actor for a day’, they worked together as a cast to develop creativity and confidence.   Working together as a cast, the group explored tools for relaxation and voice projection. They also rehearsed and performed several short plays and “skits”. There was much laughter and merriment, in addition to some remarkable performances by many of the participants.

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Enjoying and celebrating special days such as this is all part of helping the individuals change the negative circumstances of their lives and helping them to overcome the hurts of the past as they look forward towards a pathway out of homelessness.