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Our business ambition is to grow our Life Change programme capacity from its current 32 positions to 100 rehabilitation positions. That would mean that we empty an entire shelter each year and establish real movement (and hope) in the homeless sector!

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Expand the U-turn Service Centre in Claremont

The U-turn Service Centre in Claremont is used on a daily basis to connect with homeless people. Serving more than 80 individuals on an average day, this is a very busy space, and on very busy days we turn people away because we physically cannot fit them into the building!

What a shame that street people who want to receive help can’t access it due to a lack of space!

The back of the building is derelict and we are currently applying to the City of Cape Town (our landlord) for permission to expand this building. We have drawn up plans on how we would like to develop this building.

If you own a building company or could donate funds to help us with the expansion of this building, we would be extremely grateful for any support you can offer.

Help us develop the back part of the U-turn service centre (pictured above right) to allow us to serve more homeless people.

Expanding into northern suburbs in Cape Town and growing U-turn’s laundry capacity.

A kind landlord has heard about our plans to grow across the city (100 rehab positions) and has offered us long term use of a building in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

If we can secure the necessary support to develop the building, we will open a service centre in the area and relocate our retail operations (laundry, sorting, stock control etc.) to this new venue.

Apart from funding, we need help from architects, town planners, construction companies and churches in the area to realize this exciting opportunity.

Expanding U-Turn services to new neighbourhoods in Cape Town

In 2016, the Observatory Improvement District asked us to design a solution for homeless people in their area. We set to work and designed a solution that would have a capacity to engage 50 street people at a time.

This solution included 1st phase work (i.e. a service centre) complete with support from the community, specialized Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation, as well as 2nd phase work (i.e. work-based rehabilitation) with Occupational Therapists.

Our calculations showed that the total cost to operate this solution each year would be R2.1m. Between the City Improvement District and U-turn we could generate R700 000 for the project. However, we still need an additional R1.4m annually before we undertake such a project.

We would love to complete this project and show areas across Cape Town how we can create new capacity to help homeless people in the city.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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