The public helps us to reach street people by purchasing U-turn vouchers from resellers or from the U-Turn website, and handing these to street people who ask them for assistance.



The public that are too far from our service centre (ie anyone living outside of Rosebank to Wynberg) can donate vouchers to our service centre so that U-turn staff can “pay” street people who show up without a vouchers for participating in our programme. In this way, a donated voucher earns us 2 hours of contact with a person (1 hour to earn it, a 2nd hour to redeem it.)



Whether earned or donated, Street people redeem vouchers at the U-Turn service centre for clothing or food (Mon-Fri)



Thanks to this contact, staff draws alongside street people and encourage them to participate in Drug and Alcohol rehab. Drug and Alcohol rehab is delivered by specialists partner organizations & U-Turn helps the individuals to access this service by sponsoring the accommodation and weekly train ticket. It normally takes 2-4 months to complete the drug and alcohol rehab and cost U-Turn R1200 per person per month.



As and when the individual graduates from the Drug and Alcohol rehab programme we try to offer individuals a space on our Life Change Programme. (at our charity shops, laundry or even the service centre) The latter involves weekly training in English, Computers, the bible and even Driving lessons. It also includes Occupational Therapy and ongoing exposure to work activities. This programme takes over 2 years to complete and by the end individuals have acquired significant new skills, self-confidence and work experience. We currently have capacity to engage 30 individuals in the programme & it is our stated ambition to grow this capacity to 100 positions in the next few years.



Individuals graduate from our programme when they secure open market employment. We seek to be in contact with graduates for 6 months beyond exit to monitor their long term outcome. We only count it a success if people have maintained their re-integration beyond the 6 month review period. If they relapse in this time, we try to bring them back onto the programme so that we might yet secure that stable, long term success.

Journey​ to wholeness

U-Turn in numbers

U-turn’s services to individuals living on the street have shown not only a significant increase in numbers, but also in quality, providing a continuum of care always aimed at drawing individuals into a journey away from homelessness.


U-Turn numbers


The Lord has blessed us by allowing our income to grow 9.9% compared to the 2015 income.


U-Turn Income & Expenditure


We are extremely grateful to everyone who values our work and underwrites the work through direct financial support. We could not do it without you! 



U-Turn Year on Year Growth


Self-generated income (SGI) comes largely from our charity shops and our software consulting ( Very encouragingly, our self-generated income now sits at 48% of our turnover! It has taken years of painstaking work to get it to such a large percentage of our turnover. It is our stated ambition to grow our self-generated income to approximately 60-70% of our turnover.




U-Turn income



Another development over which we rejoice is that, after 19 years of operation, we finally managed to secure funding from Government. We succeeded in securing funding from the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT). They committed to pay the stipend for eight of our 30 participants for four out of the 24 months that they are on the U-Turn Life Change Programme. Even though these are “baby steps” of the true cost of rehabilitation, we are delighted that Government finally recognised the value of what we do at U-Turn.





U-Turn on the map


Members of the public often ask us for advice on how to help homeless people in specific situations. The following list comprises some of the most common questions that we face as we try to help the homeless. We would value your feedback on any of these so that we can continue to sharpen our thinking and intervention programs.

Annual Reports


The public​ help
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Donations and participation

Street people engage
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U-Turn staff draw alongside for rehab

Life change programme

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