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We cherish professional input to help us grow U-turn. See volunteering opportunities available or email us with your suggestions.​

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Giving Street people U-turn vouchers instead of cash, helps us establish contact individuals and is the start of our rehabilitation journey.​



Financial support enables us to work with more individuals. Thank you for helping us help others.​



You can help and support the homeless through U-Turn in at least 5 ways. This will make a difference and change lives.​

Volunteering Opportunities

We are looking for a qualified counsellor or clinical psychologist who wants to volunteer some time  providing supervision services to the U-Turn staff.

Skills needed: Formal accredited training as a clinical psychologist or counsellor

Working with: U-Turn staff only

Frequency: Ad hoc as counselling needs arise

Where: Either your office or the U-Turn office at 155 2nd Ave, Kenilworth

At what time: Whenever it suits you, preferably one hour a week

Commitment minimum: To councel 1 staff work through a specific issue or be available generally for 3 months

Reason for minimum commitment: We would think that debriefing a specific incident might require multiple sessions and, if possible to avoid it, we would not want to have to change counsellors mid way through a counselling journey. We would therefore ask the counsellor to commit to seeing a particular issue through, or, if staff need advice on general issues, be available for a minimum of 3 months

Duration: No specific end date

Contact person: Sam Vos

Assist U-turn to create multimedia presentations for Website, Facebook and public speaking events. There is a great need for short video clips to promote upcoming events or to introduce the work of U-turn more generally, or to capture feedback from volunteers.  They could be used fairly frequently at the different public speaking engagements that we undertake.

Skills needed: Video editing skills, video capturing skills

Working with: U-turn staff & in a limited way also with Street people when gathering footage

Frequency: One-off

Where: Either your office or the U-Turn office at 155 2nd Ave, Kenilworth

At what time: Flexible

Commitment minimum: 1 video

Reason for minimum commitment: More would be wonderful but we won’t say no to even 1 🙂

Duration: We can normally give people 4-6 weeks lead time on a video clip that we would need

Contact person: Lise – lise@homeless.org.za

Vouchers (Cape Town Southern Suburbs)

Our cashless voucher system provides homeless people with access
to one meal or one item of clothing and an opportunity for U-Turn to
start journeying with them to fullness of life.

Places to purchase U-Turn Vouchers

U-Turn Head Office – 155 2nd Ave, Kenilworth
U-Turn Retail Stores – Philippi, Southfield, Wynberg & Claremont
Oggi Activewear – 104 2nd Ave, Claremont
Westerford Kwikspar – Campground Road, Rondebosch
SuperSpar – Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth
Engen Garage – Main Road, Claremont
  – Gabriel Road, Wynberg
  – Ladies Mile Road


Choose the way you want to donate with any of our safe payment options.

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Secure donations through credited online organisations

South African Rand Donation
Through GivenGain

British Pound Donation
Through give.net

American Dollar Donation Through the American Fund (Please remember to select U-turn from the drop down list.)

EFT to U-Turn Bank Account

Standard Bank
Branch: Kromboom
Account name: Uturn
Account Number: 270 325 824
Shortcode: 02 62 09
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ

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