We believe in life after homelessness

U-Turn Homeless Ministry is a thriving, Christian, non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. U-Turn believes that the world will be a better place for everyone, if homeless people are assisted to become whole again. We believe that this is possible and with the right help, everyone can become whole.

The U-Turn Wholeness Journey


Partnership with the community

The public make clothing donations and reach street people by purchasing U-Turn Vouchers and then hand these Vouchers out to the many homeless people on the streets in their neighbourhood.


U-Turn Vouchers given to the homeless

The public that are too far from our service centre (ie anyone living outside of Rosebank and Wynberg) can donate clothing and or buy vouchers and donate them to our service centre.


The homeless redeem their vouchers

Whether earned or donated, Street people redeem vouchers at the U-Turn service centre for clothing or food (Mon-Fri).


U-Turn First Phase (rehab) programme

Thanks to this contact, the U-Turn staff draw alongside these street people and encourages them to participate in Drug and Alcohol rehab.


U-Turn Life Change programme

 As and when individuals graduate from the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programme, we try to offer them a space on our Life Change Programme (at our charity shops, laundry or even the service centre).


Homeless to wholeness

 Individuals graduate from our programme when they secure open market employment. We seek to be in contact with graduates for 6 months beyond exit to monitor their long term outcome.

Our clients tell their stories

U-Turn Vouchers

In 2016, we redeemed 13 000 vouchers. This equates to 54 vouchers per weekday! U-Turn vouchers are appreciated and are used extensively!

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How you can get involved through U-Turn



Financial support enables us to work with more individuals. Thank you for helping us help others.​

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Buy Vouchers

Giving Street people U-turn vouchers instead of cash, helps us establish contact individuals and is the start of our rehabilitation journey.​


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You can help and support the homeless through U-Turn in at least 5 ways. This will make a difference and change lives.​

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We cherish professional input to help us grow U-turn. See volunteering opportunities available or email us with your suggestions.​

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